Next Generation Technology and Power in Fire Rescue Saws

Cutters Edge has introduced NEXT GENERATION engine technology to all of their rescue saws for more power, more torque, better fuel efficiency and 75% fewer emissions. The new stratified-charged dual-air intake engine technology significantly improves overall cutting performance and meets all Air Quality Control standards at the same time.


Cutters Edge MULTI-Cut Fire Rescue Chainsaw features XTORQ® technology; resulting in more power, less emissions and better fuel economy when compared to conventional 2-stroke engines. The large external air filter integrated with a uniquely calibrated velocity stack creates a turbo charging effect that further increases power, torque and chain speed, extending the durability of the carbide-tipped BULLET® Chain and allowing the engine to run in higher ambient temperatures. A Tool-less Guard/Depth Gauge allows the operator to set and control the depth of the ventilation cut so the structural supports remain untouched, and the Tool-Less design allows the Guard/Depth Gauge to quickly be removed or re-installed. The top ported muffler in combination with a top radius deflector plate and Hand Guard deflect smoke away from the operator when making ventilation cuts, and a Full-Wrap handle allows the operator to safely cut in any position. Click Here, To Learn More


Unlike hydraulic saws, no heavy, bulky power pack is needed and there are no hydraulic lines to get in the way. The CE94CRS Concrete Cutting Chainsaw produces no concrete dust and can cut materials up to 16-inches thick. Just one single water line with only a 2 gallon per minute flow at 20 psi is needed to cool and lubricate the chain, preventing concrete cutting dust. A garden hose from a residential hose bib is all that is needed but water can be supplied from any source: including a pump, tender, hydrant, standpipe, the ocean, a lake, stream or even a puddle. Click Here, To Learn More


The H2 Series Rotary Rescue Saw with XTORQ® technology in addition to Active Air Filtration™ with a K&N Filter that delivers up to 300% more air than standard filters, protects the engine from water, and never needs to be replaced. A Skid Plate Base lowers the overall saw profile and enables smooth movement of the saw on any surface. The Full-Wrap Handle with textured rubber grip increases operator safety by creating a solid grip in all cutting positions and the Magnesium Blade Guard can easily be adjusted for any angle of cut. Included with the H2, the Black Diamond Blade is designed with in-line cooling ports to enable faster high-speed diamond cutting performance at a cooler temperature on any material. The Cutters Edge carbide tipped BULLETBLADE® is also available for the H2 series rotary rescue saw consisting of a fully serviceable BULLET® Chain attached to a rotary saw blade.                                                 Click Here, To Learn More


Cutters Edge Black Diamond Blade offers fast cutting speeds on virtually any material, wet or dry. The blade can’t be installed backwards because it cuts in either rotational direction. The diameter of the blade does not get smaller as it cuts and is not affected by gasoline or gasoline fumes (like composite blades), and one Cutters Edge Black Diamond blade will last longer than up to 150 composite blades. All Cutters Edge Black Diamond Blades undergo a vacuum brazing process to permanently fuse the cutting diamonds to the substrate. Vacuum brazing uses a thinner, stronger layer of bonding matrix to permanently fuse the cutting diamonds to the substrate. This process leaves up to 30% more diamond cutting face and edges exposed for faster cutting plus longer cutting life than electroplating. Click Here, To Learn More


Cutters Edge BULLETBLADE® is the Cutters Edge BULLET®CHAIN wrapped around rigidly affixed a rotary saw circular blade. The rotary saw turns the blade as much as 3 times faster than a chainsaw, significantly increasing the performance and range of materials that can be cut. The BULLETBLADE® features low vibration and smooth, fast cutting in addition to minimal spark generation. The blade can be repaired, sharpened or have cutters replaced, while re-using the same blade core, increasing the long-term value of the blade. The BULLETBLADE® is available in 12”, 14”, and 16” Sizes, with arbor size to fit all other rotary saw brands. Click Here, To Learn More