The History of Cutters Edge

Records show in 1953 The Rescue Squad of East Orange, New Jersey had a chainsaw in service and fire departments in Salt Lake City and Philadelphia reported experiences with gasoline powered chainsaws in 1955. But chainsaws didn’t gain widespread popularity in fire service because the chains became dull quickly cutting material other than wood. Captain Martin Bullard (LAFD) addressed this problem in 1956 by attaching a piece of carbide to the chain cutter. Bullard’s patented chain stayed sharper longer but the carbide was prone to breakage and quite expensive.

In 1984, Tom Ruzich, a California forest ranger and firefighter, developed a carbide tipped chain that stayed sharp when cutting most building materials and had substantially less carbide breakage than Bullard’s chain. Ruzich’s improved chain made it cost effective to use a chainsaw with a carbide- tipped chain and, in 1985, Cutters Edge was founded to manufacture the chain.

It soon became apparent that the improved chain was only part of the solution and that a dedicated Fire Rescue Saw was needed to withstand the demands of the harsh, fireground environment. In 1987 Cutters Edge introduced the MULTI-CUT Fire Rescue Saw, the first chainsaw engineered specifically for the fire service, with features like Ram-Air Induction, One-Step Starting and a Two-Stage External Air Filter. In 1992 Cutters Edge introduced the D8 Guard/Depth Gauge, the first safety device that protected the operator from the chain and allowed the depth of cut to be set so that no structural members were cut.

In 1993 Cutters Edge developed The BULLET® Chain, the first and still the only, chain that does not use a modified standard wood cutting chain with carbide attached. Built from the ground up specifically for Fire Rescue cutting, the BULLET cutters unique design and “filing action” revolutionized Fire Rescue chainsaw cutting. The BULLET® Chain was the first chain design to receive a patent since Bullard’s original patent of 1966. The BULLET® Chain has received patents in 17 countries and is the most widely used carbide chain in the world today.

In 1998 Cutters Edge introduced the first gasoline powered concrete cutting chainsaw. The CE101C Concrete Saw uses a unique water lubrication system and diamond chain to cut through concrete and rebar up to 14 inches thick and quickly became a critical rescue tool for Fire Rescue Services throughout the world. The Concrete Saw, like all of our saws, is available in a fully-equipped field kit that contains everything needed for field operation and basic maintenance, all packed securely in a diamond plate aluminum case.

In 2005 Cutters Edge introduced their first rotary saw. It was the first rotary saw on the market with a compensating carburetor for all position cutting performance and a 2.87:1 transmission gear ratio for a greater mechanical advantage over the cutting workload at any RPM than any rotary saw.

In 2007 Cutters Edge introduced The Black Star Diamond cutting blade in 12”, 14” and 16” sizes. This new blade featured an advanced vacuum brazing process that permanently fuses cutting diamonds to the substrate yet leaves 30% more diamond cutting surface exposed for longer blade life (up to 150 times longer than standard blades). The Black Diamond blade was introduced a year later with a new, in-line cooling port design for faster, cooler cutting speeds. Both diamond blades fit all rotary saws.


Cutters Edge has introduced NEXT GENERATION engine technology to all of its saws for more power, more torque, better fuel efficiency and 75% fewer emissions. The new Stratified-charged dual-air intake engine technology significantly improves overall cutting performance and meets all Air Quality Control standards at the same time. See the engine video on our homepage.

In addition to the new engine technology, Cutters Edge has also added reflective labels on all saws and offers an optional illuminating handle to help see the saws and operators better in dark and smoky conditions.

Today’s MULTI-CUT® Fire Rescue Saw includes two engine sizes; 70.7cc and 87.9cc. Each engine is designed for use with the carbide tipped Cutters Edge BULLET® Our exclusive external Multi-Stage Air Filtration System enables the saws to run up to 12 times longer in hot and smoke filled environments and a full-wrap handle ensures high performance cutting in any position.

Cutters Edge new CE94 Gasoline powered Concrete Cutting Chainsaw has a lighter weight 94cc powerhead and a redesigned full-wrap handle for reliable concrete cutting in any position. A new CE7COI Diamond chain features 30% more diamond cutting surface in contact with the concrete being cut for up to 40% faster cutting.


Features include a Full-Wrap Handle, New Skid Plate Base, Active Air Filtration with K&N Filter, Black Star and Black Diamond cutting blades and our new BULLETBLADE™


NEW BULLETBLADE™ Cutting Technology
Uses Cutters Edge BULLET® CHAIN on a Rotary Saw Blade. The H² Rotary Saw turns the blade as much as 3 times faster than a chainsaw, significantly increasing the performance and range of materials it can cut. Unlike other carbide-tipped blades, theBULLETBLADE™ can be repaired and sharpened or replaced and used over and over again on the same blade core. Available soon in 12”, 14” and 16” sizes.