Dear Cutters Edge:

I am writing on behalf of our department to inform you on the performance of the Cutters Edge Bullet Chain Saws which we purchased.

Our department put 2 saws in service, and they have performed superbly. Whether on the fireground or training, these saws never missed a beat! I have never seen a saw cut through so many different kinds of material and still remain sharp. Also, the power that the saw has is second to none.

In the past we have had both Stihl and QuickVent chain saws. Although each of these companies make a good saw, it seemed we were always having some kind of problem with them, either leaking gas or oil, wouldn’t start or the chain was very dull. We have not experienced any problems with your product. The saws we purchased have been "put to the test" by our department, as we do a lot of ventilation, forcible entry and firefighter rescue training. The opinion of all of our department’s personnel is the same, your company makes a great product.

Thank you for your time.

Lt. Dave Bobo
Fishers Fire Department
Fishers, Indiana

Thank you for providing quality products to the fire service. I am the Captain on Charlotte Fire Department’s Ladder Company 23 and I have a remarkable story to share involving your product.


On March 23, 1998, around 4:00 p.m., we were dispatched to a house fire. Upon arrival, heavy smoke was showing and Ladder 23 was assigned vertical ventilation.

We reached the roof’s peak with our Cutters Edge Ventilation Saw and its Bullet chain. We placed the saw on the roof while we further assessed our situation. Suddenly the fire vented itself through the roof and the saw was engulfed in flames. We hastily retreated to the ground as the saw fell through the roof and into the fire. After the fire was extinguished we found the saw on the kitchen floor with the motor housing partially melted to the engine. We carried the saw outside and inspected it. We thought it was totally ruined. We were wrong and pleasantly surprised. It started and ran for a few seconds. Upon further examination, we discovered the fuel line had a hole melted in it. Other than cosmetic, there was no other major damage to the saw. With a few small parts, it was ready for service.

We have been using Cutters Edge Saws for seven years and know we can depend on them to perform. It is a "cut above."


Captain J.P. Kirkpatrick
Ladder Company 23,
Charlotte Fire Department


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Cutters Edge staff for their outstanding service. We recently discovered a problem with our saw's compatibility with your Bullet Chain. We called your office and talked to Dean. Dean was able to diagnose our problem over the phone, arrange for service and correct our problem...all within just a few days.

It was a pleasure to work with a company that is so committed to its customers. We knew that you had great products, but now we also know that you are dedicated to supporting those products. We will be sure to pass on our positive experience with other Departments. We look forward to working with you again.


Fire Chief Scott Walker
Bonita-Sunnyside Fire Protection District


In the spring of this year our crews responded to a structure fire in Dartmouth. The roof needed ventilating and the Cutters Edge saw was used for this task. It was then brought into the structure for further work. The saw was put down inside the burning structure and was misplaced momentarily. As you can see by the pictures, the Cutters Edge saw was burnt quite a bit. The crew brought the saw out side and restarted the saw to use it again with no problem.

Since then the saw was serviced and put back into regular service.


David Clement, Logistics
Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency


We were called as Mutual Aid to the scene of a multistory, steel reenforced heavy timber warehouse just after 9:00 AM. Our Mutual Aid partners had the need for personnel while attacking a 2nd floor boxed textile fire. 125 cubic foot cardboard boxes (5' x 5' x 5') stacked 4 high and dozens deep had caught fire the night before, but even after hours of defensive "watering," were still actively burning.

Our engine was assigned as RIT during a change to offensive fire attack. The decision was made that after hours of pouring water into this 2nd story bay, it may be nearing the maximum load capacity of the structure. Our RIT team was activated to relieve the floor water weight with drain holes to protect other companies inside. After very brief discussion, the only tool for this job was our Cutters Edge CERS2171 Multi-Cut Saw.

We entered the warehouse, wading through 7 inches of water filling the heavy timber floor. Even in the dense smoke, our 2171 started on the first pull. We pulled our 16 inch bar through over 4 1/2 inches of flooring timber depth, all under that 7 inches of water. Each time we cut, the saw chewed though timbers while slinging the excess water as it rushed into the cut. In less time than it took to organize the RIT plan, we had our holes cut and were backing out of the building -- mission accomplished thanks to a special tool, the CE 2171.


Firefighter Joel MacDonald
Quint 4/Engine 12. Grand Rapids Fire Department


Our crew saw the saw when it was returned to station 13 for cleaning and repair. The saw had been left in a burning building on the second floor. The fire went through that part of the building. The saw was in very bad condition outside. Most of the plastic had been charred and melted.

When preparing to repair, our first job is to check fluids and try and start the saw to find out what needs to be repaired. This saw started up and ran perfectly. We were astounded. We put on a new chain and returned the saw to service the same day. The saw is still in service and works well even though it doesn't look very pretty!


Captain David Laybolt
Station 13, Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency


I am a huge fan of Cutters Edge and the BULLET Chains. I am amazed at the amount of punishment that a BULLET Chain will take. As long as you do the training and keep the saw at full RPM it seems like it will cut through almost anything a roof can throw at it. I have had firefighters cut through conduit, rafter hangers, and almost anything else you find on a roof and it just keeps cutting. Long after other chains lose all their teeth or dull down into uselessness my BULLET is still going strong. Not long ago one of our chiefs suggested we try something else after several failures of the old carbide design but once I explained that none of the failures was a BULLET Chain, coupled with your fantastic chain service turnaround we stuck with the BULLETs. You have the best service of anyone I have done business with in the fire service.

Thanks for all of your help. Cutters Edge is always a pleasure to deal with.


Battalion Chief Warren Peterson
Victorville (CA) Fire

German Fire Department Says our MULTI-CUT is Number Ein!

At 12.30pm on Jan 27, 2012 the Bentheim County Dispatch center toned out for the Nordhorn FD with B2 (small fire). Supposedly a shed was burning. En route to the fire the call was raised to B3 (working fire). .. a wooden building with a diameter of 30ft was fully involved putting other exposures including a second shed and trees in danger. Extinguishment took over 2 hours and is hampered by the massive and thick construction of the building. Several layers of tar paper feed the flames again and again. To extinguish the flames the building had to be torn down completely. A chainsaw type "Cutters Edge" was used to cut the massive posts. A normal saw failed before not being able to cut the mix of materials and the massive posts. Investigators believe the fire to be arson.

Original text (extract):

Gegen 12.30 Uhr den 27. Januar 2012 löst die Feuerwehr- und Rettungsleitstelle des Landkreises Grafschaft Bentheim zunächst einen B2-Alarm (Kleinbrand) für die Ortsfeuerwehr Nordhorn aus. Noch während der Anfahrt wird die Alarmstufe auf B3(Mittelbrand) erhöht. ... eine Hütte mit einem Durchmesser von etwa acht Meter bereits in Vollbrand. Eine sogenannte Schwedenhütte und ein hölzerner Windfang sind unmittelbar von den Flammen bedroht. Auch auf die Bäume hat das Feuer bereits übergegriffen. Die Löscharbeiten ziehen sich insgesamt gut zwei Stunden hin und werden durch die massive Dachkonstruktion erschwert. Mehrere Lagen Teerpappe geben dem Feuer immer wieder Nahrung. Um alle Brandnester ablöschen zu können, wird die Hütte komplett eingerissen. Mit einer Motorsäge vom Typ „Cutters Edge“ werden dazu zunächst die dicken Pfosten durchtrennt. Eine herkömmliche Motorsäge versagte vorher an den massiven Pfosten. Nach dem bisherigen Stand der polizeilichen Ermittlungen geht die Polizei von Brandstiftung als Ursache aus.