H2 Outboard Running Endorsement

December 19, 2017
Running the blade in the outboard position does not void the warranty… and Cutters Edge fully supports its use. It works especially well when cutting rounded carriage bolt heads for forcible entry on a door that has a dropdown bar attached on the inside, and on many cuts in tight areas. The warning about the increased gyroscopic effect in the outboard position should be taken very seriously, and is especially ...   read more

Cutters Edge named international Fire Buyer 2017 editorial awards winner

July 11, 2017
International Fire Buyer, a leading fire equipment magazine based out of the UK with Sponsorship through Pennwell has released their yearly editorial awards and named Cutters Edge as an award winner in the Search & Rescue category for 2017. The award was given to Cutters Edge for overall performance in their line of fire and rescue saws. 
"The importance of using proper equipment in a fire rescue ...   read more

Cutters Edge Offers Free Sharpening and Repair with BULLETBLADE® Purchase

June 11, 2015
Cutters Edge is offering Free Sharpening and Repair service with the purchase of a BULLETBLADE®. This special offer was introduced at the FDIC Show in April to emphasize the ability to repair and sharpen the BULLETBLADE®, reusing the same blade core instead of buying an entire new blade over and over again.
The BULLETBLADE® is currently available in a 14” Diameter with arbor ...   read more

Cutters Edge Introduces H2 Series Rotary Rescue Saws

July 23, 2014
April, 2014 – Cutters Edge introduced the new H² Series Rotary Rescue Saws at FDIC that feature more power, improved air filtration, a Full-wrap handle and a new EZ-Drag base design.
According to Tom Ruzich, president of Cutters Edge:
The H2 Series is more operator- friendly with the Full-Wrap Handle and textured rubber grip that helps create a solid grip in all cutting positions. The K&N Filter ...   read more

Cutters Edge Introduces BULLETBLADE™ Technology

October 14, 2013
Cutters Edge has introduced the BULLETBLADE™. Unlike other carbide-tipped blades, the BULLETBLADE™ uses Cutters Edge BULLETCHAIN® attached to a reusable blade core. Because BULLETCHAIN® is used, the cutters can be repaired, sharpened and even replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new blade.
The BULLETBLADE™ cuts a wider range of materials than standard carbide-tipped blades – from roofs ...   read more