H2 Outboard Running Endorsement

December 19, 2017

Running the blade in the outboard position does not void the warranty… and Cutters Edge fully supports its use. It works especially well when cutting rounded carriage bolt heads for forcible entry on a door that has a dropdown bar attached on the inside, and on many cuts in tight areas. The warning about the increased gyroscopic effect in the outboard position should be taken very seriously, and is especially noticeable when cutting overhead. It is totally controllable with training, and I’d recommend a lot of training to build good muscle memory for it. Also note, the larger the blade diameter, and the heavier the blade, the stronger the gyroscopic effect!

On some saws with a water kit, the hose to the nozzles on the blade guard is usually too short when run in the outboard position. A longer hose can be added, but be sure to put the shorter hose back on if the blade is returned to the inboard position. Our current rotary saw series have a water kit that will work either inboard or outboard, but some of our earlier series, including the CE735 series, a longer hose may be needed. On the CE735 the locking knob on the blade guard is on the bottom when in the outboard position… and the range of motion of the guard is negatively affected. The CE735 blade guard range of motion can be improved by removing the locking knob track. The only time the water kit is really necessary is when cutting concrete; to cool the blade and hold down the concrete dust.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both the inboard position and the outboard position. Having the opportunity to work with fire rescue personnel around the world, I’ve found that it mostly comes down to personal opinion, and of course in the fire service, tradition. In my opinion, a well-equipped truck and rescue rig will have a carbide-tipped rescue chain saw, a carbide-tipped rotary saw in the inboard position, and a diamond blade rotary saw in the outboard position. I realize that these days well-equipped also means well-funded, but for those of us fortunate enough to be well-equipped, the more tools we have in the tool box, the better our chances at success.


-Tom Ruzich
President, Cutters Edge

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