The BULLET® Chain is the first and only chain designed from the ground up specifically for fire department ventilation, forcible entry, and rescue operations.

The BULLET® Chain's patented cutter is a solid piece of metal without bends or ground-out areas that cause weak points. The carbide insert is formulated specifically for fire department use. The sintered carbide insert creates a larger cutting surface and has a unique sheeting capability to reduce carbide breakage.

The raker gauge is shaped like the nose of a bullet and protects the carbide insert from impact. The gullet is very narrow to stop any possible "hooking," also reducing impact during cutting.

There are limitations, but your Cutters Edge Fire Rescue Saw with BULLET® Chain will cut a wide variety of materials under the most severe fire ground and rescue scene conditions. BULLET® Chain is capable of cutting most building materials, including roofing nails, joist hangers, nailing plates, flashing, light gauge sheet metal, and some lightweight concretes. It is also capable of cutting automotive sheet metal, automotive glass, hurricane glass, bulletproof glass, plastics, fiberglass, and many other composite materials. It can also cut aircraft skin, cockpit and aircraft windows, and some aircraft structural materials.

Rather than cutting or slicing, the BULLET® Chain actually files through a variety of materials. It's the safest chain made today and it virtually eliminates kickback.

According to certified test results performed in accordance with ISO 9518 by SMP, a Swedish Testing Institute, the BULLET® Chain has kickback rotational energy up to 67 degrees less than standard chainsaw chain and is considered to be "Extremely Low Kickback."

Not only is it the safest chain, but the BULLET® Chain cuts a wider variety of materials than any other chain manufactured today.

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