The BULLETBLADE® will cut everything any other carbide-tipped blade can cut, however, what sets it apart is that it can be repaired, and sharpened! Individual cutters can be replaced when broken and even the entire chain replaced, but you don’t need to buy a new blade!

The BULLETBLADE® is capable of cutting many steels and alloys. But keep it within reason, less than 3/16th” (5mm) thick, wood and most building materials can be cut…including high-rise, hurricane and bullet-proof glass. We do not recommend cutting concrete with the BULLETBLADE®. It will cut some concrete materials but generally dulls quickly and can overheat to the point of melting the solder that attaches the carbide to the cutter.

As with any tool, the BULLETBLADE® has its limitations. It will get dull, cutters will get chipped…and broken. The key to getting the best performance and longevity from your BULLETBLADE® is learning its strengths and weaknesses, and yours, through solid, muscle-memory building training.