CE7COI Diamond Chain

The New CE94CRS Gasoline Powered Concrete Cutting Chainsaw cuts reinforced concrete up to 16-inches thick and cuts it up to 40% Faster with the new CE7COI™ Diamond Chain that features diamond cutting segments on every chain link – up to 30% more diamond cutting surface area in contact with the concrete being cut.

Additional Features of the CE94CRS Include:

  • Full-Wrap Handle – for safe, all- position cutting
  • Wallwalker® – Power Transfer Device for fast and efficient concrete cutting
  • 3-Axis 360° Swivel Water Hose Connector - keeps water supply hose out of the way during cutting and prevents kinking
  • Momentary ON/OFF Contact Switch – always in the “On” position for reliable starts and eliminates possibility of flooding
  • Muffler Exhaust Port Cover – prevents water from entering engine through muffler
  • Flame Coated Guide Bar – with internal water galleries

GCP SealPRO Diamond Cutting Chain

Micro-sized O-Rings create a totally sealed rivet joint to keep out sand and slurry during concrete cutting. O-ring sealed rivet joints reduce chain stretching and tension adjustments by up to 50% and reduces water pressure required to 20 psi (1.5 bar). The GCP SealPRO® Diamond Chain is the best choice for situations with inconsistent water flow issues.