CE94CRS Concrete Cutting Chainsaw

The CE94CRS Gasoline-powered Concrete Cutting Chainsaw is Lighter Weight, has more Torque and Cuts Reinforced Concrete up to 16-inches thick. Unlike hydraulic saws, no heavy, bulky power pack is needed and there are no hydraulic lines to get in the way. And, unlike rotary saws, there is no concrete dust produced and it can cut material more than twice as thick. Just one single water line with only a 2.5 gpm flow (9 liters/min) at 20 psi (1.5 bar) is needed to cool and lubricate the chain and prevent concrete cutting dust. A garden hose from a residential hose bib is all that is needed but water can be supplied from any water source: including a pumper, tender, hydrant, standpipe, the ocean, a lake, stream or even a puddle or bucket of water.


We also offer a 23-piece Concrete Sawing Kit that includes a lightweight water pump, hoses, adapters and everything needed to pump water from any source. The CE94CRS cuts a wide range of materials; including reinforced concrete (rebar), masonry brick, concrete block, natural stone and abrasive concrete. A powerful 5.7 cu Inch (94cc) engine engineered specifically for concrete cutting with an advanced crankshaft sealing design, sealed throttle shaft, waterproof ignition and a special air filtration system are just some of the “NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGY” features that allow this new internal combustion engine to operate at peak performance in the wet, rescue concrete cutting environment.

Diamond Segment on Every Link

  • Faster Cutting- Up to 40% faster than other Diamond Chains.
  • More Torque can be placed on the chain and bar because the Diamond Segments are closer together.
  • Longer life – Up to 30% more diamond surface area in contact with the concrete being cut.
  • Cuts significantly faster when cutting through heavy reinforced concrete because more diamonds are in contact with the material being cut.


Smoother Cutting/Less Vibration:

  • More Diamond Segments – spaced closer together, with smaller profiles, increase the diamond surface area in contact with the material being cut by 30%. Not only increases speed and life but creates a smoother cut because of the closer spacing with a diamond segment for every drive link.


Segment Quality:

  • Unique sandwich segment design maintains segment profile through the chain’s life. The sandwich design has a harder outer shell that keeps the segment’s profile throughout its life and the use of a soft bond in the center enables faster cutting, especially in heavy steel.
  • The sandwich segment design allows the segments to wear all the way.
  • Only the highest quality diamonds are used in the bond, which increases speed and extends life.


Special Grinding:

  • Open Segments – Cutters Edge CE7COI™ segments are surface ground during production so the chain cuts at full speed immediately out of the box. Other diamond chains can take more than 20 minutes of cutting to open the segments, even in abrasive material.


Chain Structure:

  • Interlocking patented debris protection rivet design and hardened internal sealed bushings between rivet connections, the segment links and the drive links.
  • The segment link is very stable and slows down the elongation of the chain.
  • The hardening process also prevents excessive guide bar wear.
  • A cooling port in the drive link enables better cooling, especially when the chain is run with low water pressure.