2100 Series MULTI-CUT® Fire Rescue Saws and BULLET® Chain

More Power…More Torque and More Fuel Efficient - This new technology utilizes Dual Intakes that split the airflow into one fresh-air stream and one clean-air stream for the fuel-air mixture. The fresh air intake forms a barrier that delays the fresh fuel mix from entering the engine while assisting in exhausting the burned gases. Then the fuel-air mixture flushes into the engine, resulting in more power and less emissions compared to conventional 2-stroke engines.

BULLET® Chain - Cuts faster, lasts up to 20 times longer than standard chains and cuts a large variety of materials. It’s the only chain engineered and built specifically for Fire and Rescue cutting.

Tool-less Guard/Depth® Gauge - Protects operator from the chain and allows the depth of cut to be set so no structural members are cut. Tool-less design allows fast and easy adjustments and removal in seconds, even with gloves on.

Steel Alloy Guide Bar - Thicker alloy material with an internal high-speed sprocket-nose forms continuous chain rails, eliminating the possibility of misaligned rails, as found on competitor’s guide bars.

Scrench Tool & Holder - Universal Tool for spark plug removal, chain adjustments and maintenance procedures attached to the saw.

Chain Brake - Inertia activated chain brake stops the chain in less than 1/20th of a second.

Top Ported Muffler - Combined with unique shape of the Chain Brake Assembly and Guard Deflector Plate channels the exhaust flow into a pressurized stream of air that moves the heat and smoke released from  ventilation cut away from the saw and operator.

Fuel Mix and Bar & Chain Oil Tanks - Large capacity tanks calibrated so engine will run out of fuel before running out of bar and chain oil to prevent possibility of running chain without proper lubrication.

Tool-Less Carburetor Compartment Entry - Allows fast and easy access to the spark plug and for inspection and maintenance of the carburetor.

Reflective Labels - Find your saw easier in the dark and smoke with our reflective safety labels.

“D” Starter Handle - With reflective label and extra-large opening for gloves.

One-Step Starting - Includes a momentary contact switch and combined choke throttle lock for one simple step to start the saw.

Momentary Contact Switch - Momentary On/Off switch always in “On” position for reliable, one-step starting and to reduce possibility of flooding.

Two-Mass Anti-Vibration System - Isolates handles from saw vibration to reduce operator fatigue and increase safety.

Full-Wrap Handle - Assures safe operation of saw in any position and acts as chain catch to protect operator.

Compression Release - Reduces starting resistance by 40% for easier starts.

External Four-Stage Air Filter - Externally mounted air filter for unrestricted airflow. Has 211.4 square inches of filtering surface enabling Cutters Edge saws to run up to 12 times longer than competitor’s saws in hot (up to 1100°F) and smoke filled environments.

Chain Tension Adjustment - Side access adjustment screw makes chain adjustments fast and easy.

All Cutters Edge Saws Come with a Full 2-Year Warranty

Setting the Guard/Depth Gauge

In its fully extended position, the Guard/Depth Gauge completely covers the cutting chain, protecting the operator from accidental contact with the chain.

The Guard/Depth Gauge prevents cutting deeper than absolutely necessary. This prevents possible weakening of the roof structure and prevents exposure to hidden hazards.

With the Guard/Depth Gauge the operator can focus attention on the cutting position, fire behavior and the surrounding environment for maximum safety.

Cutting Deeper than the Guard/Depth Gauge Setting

Increasing the saw angle to 90° (Fig 2) will result in a depth of cut increase up to .414" for every one inch graduation indicated on the cutting depth scale.